Susan "Hillary" Hito Shapiro


Susan is a self-taught painter and graffiti artist who started painting in the 1980’s on the glass windows found on the streets of NYC. Her work has been shown in New York, California, Montana, Florida and Copenhagen. Although she continues to paint on glass and repurposed car doors, she also paints on canvas and introduces other media to her catalog of impressionistic pieces.

Susan Hillary’s art elicits her own visceral reaction to the degradation of our environment, bringing attention to mankind’s destruction of our natural resources while celebrating the beauty of our planet; a subject she is passionate about both in her art and in her environmental advocacy.

In addition to painting, Susan works as an independent filmmaker, directing and producing feature films and documentaries.

Her studio is based in Goshen, NY where she owns and operates a biodynamic farm which is derived from her aesthetic and environmental principals, producing organic herbs, fruits and vegetables.